Training Options


Training Options

Coaching Options

No Limits Endurance offers personal training and coaching programs for the following:

  1. Swimming

  2. Cycling

  3. Running - including marathon and ultra marathon distance training

  4. Triathlon - from mini to sprint, Olympic, Ironman and ultra distances

The team will tailor your program to suit YOU and your lifestyle.  Although there are occasionally group training sessions offered in Melbourne, many of our athletes prefer to manage their training around their other commitments. 

When you join No Limits Endurance, you'll be given access to our private Facebook group. Many of our athletes choose to arrange group training sessions through the group.

No Limits also offers intensive training camps, which are suitable for all levels of athlete.


Personalised Training Plans

The team will conduct an initial consultation to determine your current fitness levels and experience, and discuss your immediate and longer term goals.

Based on this information, they will create a personalised training program specifically for YOU.  Programs are delivered either weekly or every three weeks, depending on your requirements.

There are three options available for athletes on personalised training plans:

  1. 1 x one-on-one session per week (any discipline) + full programming - one-on-one available in coaches home city
  2. 2 x one-on-one sessions per week (any discipline) + full programming - one-on-one available in coaches home city
  3. Full training program by correspondence

Private Coaching

In addition to the above, there are limited opportunities available for a series of one-on-one training sessions with specific coaches - they will swim, ride or run right alongside you.  These are ideal for athletes who would like individual feedback on form, tips on technique and nutrition, or that extra motivation along the way...

Pricing & Inclusions

Please contact the team for current pricing of each option.  Note that all options include access via email, text and mobile.  Regular contact is vital to ensure optimisation and necessary adjustments to your program.