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NO Limits Founder

Craig Percival


NO Limits Founder

Craig Percival

Melbourne endurance coach and ultraman athlete Craig Percival completed an Australian first in the triathlon world. During March 2016, he completed 8 full “ironman” distance triathlons in all 8 states and territories of Australia in 8 consecutive days. While attempting this incredible test of the human ability, he raised over $80,000 for a cause close to his heart, the John Maclean Foundation.

Unfortunately, Craig later suffered complications following routine surgery that would end his life. His legacy lives on through his wife Lindell and children Sam and Sienna and through the countless people he has helped achieve a better life through the power of sport.

"I've done 13 in my whole career, for him (Craig) to do 8 in 8 days is mind blowing, actually it's an incredible feat of physical endurance and mental toughness" "It's nothing less than a world class super human performance"

Craig Alexander - 3 x IRONMAN World Champion                           



Renowned as one of the world’s toughest endurance events, the “Iron distance” triathlon comprises a 3.8k swim, 180.2k bike ride and 42.2k run.  For most athletes, a single Ironman event is considered a major life achievement.  Only a handful have ever attempted to complete multiple races over consecutive days.

Craig first dreamt up his ‘8in8in8’ goal after finishing second at the Ultraman World Championship in Hawaii last year.  Following his success in Hawaii, Craig assisted in bringing Ultraman to Australia for the first time in May 2015.  At the same time, he started thinking about just how far he could push himself mentally and physically.

Craig said, “I’ve always been fascinated by what people can achieve when they set their minds to it.  That’s why I created (my business) No Limits Endurance – to assist and guide people in breaking through barriers, believing in themselves and doing things that they can look back on with enormous pride.

“I’ve been very fortunate throughout my athletic career to do some amazing events and training. In taking on 8in8in8, I wanted to find a way to give back to the triathlon community that has been so fundamental to my life. 

"John Maclean is one of my personal heroes.  What that guy has achieved - as an athlete, as a person, and through his foundation - is just phenomenal.  The thought of using my physical ability to raise money for young Australians living in wheelchairs, who are not able to swim, bike and run like me, motivates me. The money raised will help grant these children equipment they need to remain active and included in their everyday lives”.

John Maclean said, "On behalf of The John Maclean Foundation we are humbled that Craig is supporting us.  With the money and awareness he raises through this epic challenge he will be helping us continue to change the lives of young children in wheelchairs across Australia.

"On a personal level and as an athlete that has challenged myself beyond what I thought was possible both physically and mentally, I wish Craig the best of luck. Through my experience, if you surround yourself with the support of people who believe in you, you can realise your dreams".