Craig Percival was tragically and suddenly taken away from his wife Lindell and two young children Sam and Sienna.  

Craig passed away on December 4th 2016, following post surgery complications after undergoing knee surgery a few weeks earlier.  A clot passed through to his lung causing respitory issues, triggering a severe heart attack, starving the brain of oxygen.  7 days after the heart attack, Craig's life support was switched off and his organs donated to recipients.

Craig dedicated his life to helping others.

During March of 2016 Craig Percival completed 8 Ironmans in 8 days in 8 States and Territories to raise over $80,000 for the John Maclean Foundation.  A Foundation that helps kids in wheelchairs achieve their dreams.

Self employed, Craig was the primary and sole income earner for his family.

So, after Craig dedicated his life to helping others, it's time to give back.  Lindell, Sam and Sienna need our help.

Day to day living expenses:

 - Food
 - Rent
 - Utilities
 - Clothing
 - Education
 - etc etc

Being self employed and living pay cheque to pay cheque means there isn't a big safety net, so the time to act is NOW.

Christmas is just around the corner, let's make what will be a very difficult day for the family, that little bit easier.

The target is big, bold, but that's who Craig was and how Craig lived his life.

Please give generously.