A world-class age-group athlete, Craig has been competing in triathlon and ultra endurance events for as long as he can remember.  Like most of his athletes, Craig fits his training around a busy schedule which includes raising his young family and running his business full-time. 

In 2014, at the age of 43, Craig was the second finisher at the Ultraman World Championships in Hawaii.  He recorded the fastest times for 3 of the 4 legs, only losing the overall lead during the double marathon on the third and final day of this epic ultra-endurance event.

 Other athletic achievements include:

  1. Ironman PB of 9:02

  2. 3rd at Ultraman Canada

  3. 4 x Hawaii Ironman finishes

  4. Top 10% of field in first 100k Ultra run

  5. 16 x Ironman Finisher incl 3 x under 9:10

  6. Active coach since 2002. Tri Vic qualified.

In March 2016, Craig attempted to become the first person to complete 8 Ironman-distance events in 8 consecutive days, in the 8 states and territories of Australia.

He succeeded!