No Limits Endurance prides itself on offering a variety of coaching options. We believe that every athlete who comes to us is on their own individual journey and no two athletes are the same or have the same needs. Our coaching fits in with your lifestyle and your goals and we know we can assist you to meet those needs, be it significant work commitments, family commitments, injury or adversity, we will work with you to find what is right for you. At No Limits Endurance we truly believe that there are no limits. Visit the CONTACT US page if you would like to get in touch. 


Ailie Coulter

Ailie has 15 years of coaching experience, originally starting out swim coaching and progressing to triathlon after starting to compete in the sport herself. Her background in Physical Education, Exercise Science and Strength and Conditioning sees her able to apply scientific principals towards programming for her athletes. Ailie is particularly good at working with athletes to modify life and training to make the impossible possible and reach your goals.

Ailie has coached athletes from beginner to World Championships level in Ironman, Half Ironman and sprint and has competed in World Championships at Sprint, 70.3 and Ultraman. She did however; start in the sport as an adult having never done a triathlon. She has a particular strength in knowing where her athletes are at, understanding their lifestyle priorities and working with them to achieve their specific goals no matter what life has in store.

Predominantly, Ailie coaches athletes via correspondence with a weekly-individualised program and unlimited communication. She is also available for specialist technique sessions, particularly in swimming and running. She has not met a person yet whose swimming she cannot improve. Ailie is also head coach of the NLE Junior Triathlon Program.